I look forward to teaching – I find it exciting and rewarding to be a part of others’ learning in and out of the classroom. My classes are interactive with students also learning through discussion and small-group activities. I scaffold learning experiences, starting from students’ current knowledge and skill levels. In addition to course goals that include students’ furthered appreciation, knowledge, and skills relevant to psychology and research, I also hope to encourage a desire to learn more and increase scientific and statistical literacy.

I hold high standards for my students and for myself, one of which includes my responsibility to set up a learning environment to best support successful student learning. Creating and updating courses is a scholarly activity that engages me not only in issues of pedagogy but also serves as a way to broaden and deepen my own knowledge, thus increasing my teaching expertise.

As seen below, I’ve taught a wide variety of classes, ranging from small seminars to large lecture courses and including a number of research methods and statistics classes.

Introductory and Core Content Courses
Human Abilities and Learning
Infant and Child Development
Introduction to Cognitive Science (Discussion Section)

Statistics and Research Methods
Applied Data Analysis
Basic Statistics in Psychology
Quantitative Methods in Psychology
Infant and Child Development Lab

Upper Level Content Courses
Cognition, Learning, and Instruction in the Classroom
Cognition, Instruction, and Development
Advanced Topics in Cognitive Science (Discussion Section)